Software Development Pricing

Custom Software Development Pricing Tables


Basic Software

  • Features
  • Complete Installation Setup
  • Menu/Tool Bar With Icon
  • 5 - 10 Screen Layout
  • Editable List View with Searching
  • Filter Table Data
  • Database in Back End
  • 3 Add/Update/Edit Form
  • Export Report
  • 3-5 Extra Feature
  • 3 Month Maintenance Service
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Business Software

  • Features
  • Complete Installation Setup
  • Custom Menu/Tool Bar With Icon
  • 10 - 20 Screen Layout
  • Editable List View with Searching
  • Advanced Filter Table Data
  • Database in Back End
  • 10 Add/Update/Edit Form
  • Export Report
  • 10-15 Extra Feature
  • 6 Month Maintenance Service
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Enterprise Software

  • Features
  • Enterprises Level Application
  • Use Third Party Library
  • Multi Screen Layout
  • Editable List View with Searching
  • Advanced Filter Table Data
  • Setting Page
  • Multi Add/Update/Edit Form
  • Export Report(PDF,CSV,Excel)
  • 20+ Extra Feature
  • 1 Year Maintenance Service
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Business plans

Let us build an custom software for your business in very cheap price. software price always depend on the business type, delivered lines of code, time spent on design and we get this idea in telephonic meeting or by emails with client. The cost of designing and developing a software is generally measured in terms of person months of effort spent in design and development.

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What services do you offer?

Besides software development, there are a lot of other services involved like content development, hosting etc. and it is in the best interest of your company to hire a team that provides all these services.

Do you work on templates or custom designed software?

Most developers will be working on both models depending on the needs of the client. Using a customizable template is cost-effective and saves time but will not provide the same uniqueness and functionalities as a website designed from scratch.

How will the web project be managed?

Metronics Web team ensures an unmatchable experience while working with us. We ensure all projects are handled efficiently by assigning project leads to walk the customer through the process of development of the software. The web project will typically be executed in five stages that include research, designing, development, launch, and evaluation.

What are some sample sites developed by the company?

Going through the portfolio of the company will give you a fair idea of the design sense and diversity of the company. Performance of these websites will clear doubts and help you set the right expectations for the firm.

How qualified is the team?

Developing a custom software requires a minimum of three team members including a graphic designer, a software developer, and a database developer.

When can you start?

A company or freelancer with an impressive portfolio will generally be loaded with projects. Get clarity on the schedule and when the work can be initiated. The wait time will also give you the chance to do your own homework.

Great experience

We believe that an enticing user experience is the key to convert window shoppers to loyal customers.

Customer support

We improve your productivity and help you efficiently manage all backend activities

Quality guarantee

We do everything to give you a bleedingly awesome user experience.


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